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The Window Cleaner that also Cleans the Air

Use Light to Transform Almost Any Surface into a Self-Cleaning Air Purifier to Save More and Clean Less.

PURETi breaks down VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and dust (organic particulates) to help improve respiratory health. PURETi treated windows, window coverings and light fixtures act as air scrubbers to substantially reduce VOC’s and other airborne organic particulars. The difference is noticeable, immediate and remarkably beneficial.

PURETi Clean & Fresh is sustainable, health-enhancing innovation that Uses the Power of Light to Clean. PURETi Clean & Fresh improves indoor air quality by oxidizing harmful organic particles, including VOCs, making the air cleaner and safer for your employees, customers and family.

Additionally, PURETi Clean & Fresh brings out a brilliant, high-definition look of your glass and transforms it for easier, faster and safer cleaning.

PURETi Clean & Fresh is the only window cleaner that can achieve these results.

PURETi is a NASA Dual Use Technology Partner and routinely test with national, university and independent laboratories.


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