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GUM-E - Gum Removal Machine

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Designed to meet your professional cleaning demands

By using the right tool for the job your team members can work with pride and see the excellent results as they progress in total safety.

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  • Easy to use, simple, and straight forward
  • Reduces ‘total time to clean’
  • Supports sustainability and chemical-free cleaning programs
  • Rapid payback period due to low total cost of ownership and efficiency
  • Quality build

How it works

Amongst the many challenges faced by commercial cleaning operators, those relating to productivity, health, and safety, the environment would probably rank amongst the highest.

In support of the cleaning operators, the key players in the equipment sales market are evolving new products that are simple to operate and reduce cleaning costs. Gum-e is leading the way with its innovative products in the steam cleaning segment.

However, despite the attractive benefits, many operators have so far fallen short of a transition to cleaning with steam due to the drawbacks of traditional steam machines: The 15-minute wait for the boiler to come to temperature. The unreliability of machines as they become used. With the cost of labor representing upwards of 90% of most cleaning contracts, many people’s experiences of steam cleaning have been that it is impractical and involved too much setup or downtime for it to be acceptable from a productivity point of view.

That was until now!


Made in the UK to BS EN9000:2000 the Gum-e uses a lithium-ion battery to create steam. The specially designed heater, which is located just ahead of the cleaning nozzle instantly and repeatedly heats pulses of water to 156 degrees which exit as steam at the point of cleaning at 110 degrees. This compares to conventional steam machines delivering closer to 90 degrees at the point of cleaning due to lost temperature between the boiler and the cleaning point.


Rather than wait for the boiler and its element to reach temperature, which can take on average 15 minutes with existing machines, the Gum-e is at a temperature within 10 seconds. This translates to a significant saving. For example, an operator using a Gum-e twice a day, on a daily basis, benefits from a productivity saving of 3.5 hours every week.


The Gum-e suffers no loss of pressure and is ready to use at an instant and for prolonged periods. It enables the user to work with steam produced at a constant temperature and pressure and operates consistently and effectively from a single battery for 4 hours between charging.


As it is cordless and there are no trailing leads, massive potential health and safety issue is avoided. Its portability is of additional benefit for use in areas without plug sockets, such as large venues or outdoor spaces, and in the case of the transport sector, off the platform and bus stops.