Transgel Graffiti Remover

Transgel Graffiti Remover

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Product Data Sheet

The really 'safe' remover designed for use in the transport industry. Removes hard sun-baked murals on trains left in yards, with ease. A unique product especially designed for thick murals and hardened or sun-baked paints on all surfaces. Also excellent on asphalt, tarmac or bitumen surface, unpainted metals and pre-painted steel fencing.

Highly effective, safe and BIODEGRADABLE paint remover for older, hardened and sun baked spray cans from masonry, metal, asphalt and timber surfaces.

Recommended for the removal of graffiti from road surfaces, including asphalt, tarmac, or bitumen without degradation of the road surface. Can be used on unpainted metals and pre-painted steel fencing.

TRANSGEL will remove hard sun-baked murals on trains left in yards and thicker spray can and acrylic murals from buildings.

TRANSGEL is particularly useful for removing old and hardened white and yellow spray cans.


  • Fast acting and non-damaging. 
  • Works on all building surfaces, from porous cinderblock to smooth paintwork, powdercoat and asphalt. 
  • Virtually odorless and non toxic. 
  • Gel consistency, stays wetter longer ensuring maximum dwell time in order to crinkle thicker / older paint.